What documents do you need when new boiler installed?

What documents do you need when new boiler installed?

Natural gas boilers renovation plan

The boiler installation certificate is the document that guarantees that the equipment can be used in full safety conditions. It is necessary that an authorized installer issues this certificate both at the time of installation and after each mandatory revision.

The boiler installation certificate is the document that certifies that the boiler is in optimal conditions to operate safely. This certificate is issued after making the necessary checks on the equipment and reviewing the condition of all its elements.

The boiler certificate will have different concepts depending on the use given to the appliance. That is to say, the boiler installation certificate may vary if the boiler is:

This certificate is only necessary for gas boilers and boilers that run on diesel fuel, since the purpose of the safety check is to verify that the burning of the fuel is carried out correctly and safely for both the customer and his neighbors and for the environment.

Where can a gas boiler be installed?

In the following article we will see the different types of certificates and bulletins, what characteristics must be fulfilled to request them and when a technical memory of installation is needed. We will focus on natural gas installations as it is the most requested by users.

It is a complete document, which specifies the characteristics of all the elements, including the appliances connected to the installation, that make up the installation together with a detailed sketch.

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The gas installation certificate is essential for newly built homes, as well as when major renovation works have been carried out, when the service has been cut off due to a deficiency or if the installation has been out of use for long periods of time.

The user must request the certificate from an authorized specialist or through the gas distribution company. Often, the cost of the certificate is reduced when it is done by an authorized installer.

As we have seen previously, it is the document that certifies that the regulations are complied with and the installation is correct. It is also known as Gas Installation Bulletin and is demanded by the gas distribution company in the area.

Industrial boiler installation

However, as a general estimate, the installation of a new boiler will take between six hours and four days. Below, we break down some examples to give you an idea and explain the process in more detail.

The quickest and easiest installation is the replacement of an old boiler with a new one of the same type. This assumes that the old one has simply broken, that the replacement will be done on site and that all the water, central heating and gas pipes are already installed and have the right specifications for the new model.

In this situation, installing a new replacement boiler is a simple case of isolating and draining the systems, disconnecting the electricity and thermostat, removing the boiler and installing the new one in its place. This can easily be done by a professional in less than a day.

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If you already have a boiler but want to relocate it, or want a new boiler in a different location, it is unlikely that it can be done in a single day’s work. This is because new piping (water and gas) has to be installed and new electrical and thermostat wiring has to be connected.

Boiler gas outlet

So the reform must be carried out by a company qualified to do so, and the generator must offer the minimum performance required for existing buildings. In principle, as it is a new condensing boiler, we assume that it will meet them.

Once the modification has been communicated to the supplier, the latter will request connection to the distributor, who will carry out the prior tests established in the regulations, and the cost of the connection rights will be passed on to the end user.

After a repair, it is necessary to check the tightness of the repaired section at the operating pressure, verifying the sealing joints of the repaired section with the existing installation, by means of soapy water, etc.

In this case, when the power of the appliance changes, one of the main characteristics of the appliance, a Gas Installation Certificate (model IRG 3) must be issued, indicating that it is a modification of the installation.

What documents do you need when new boiler installed?
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