What is an export power of attorney?

Importance of exporting

Let us begin by defining what an import is; this is the operation through which certain foreign merchandise is subject to tax regularization and control, to be freely destined to an economic function of use, production or consumption.

On the other hand, the opposite of this term is export, which is the shipment of national merchandise for use or consumption abroad. This function involves a sale beyond a country’s borders, with the exit of goods from a customs territory producing an inflow of foreign exchange.

Therefore, import is understood as the acquisition of goods and services that are not available in the local country or that are obtained of better quality or at a lower price in another country; export, on the other hand, is the commercial activity in which a product or service is sold to another nation.

Export process pdf

Although it is not a mandatory document, it is recommended to attach it because it allows to identify and handle the goods in compliance with the customs procedures or inspections carried out on the cargo, both at origin and destination. The list must indicate the following information:

All goods exported from Colombia, are subject or subject to inspection by the authorities, who will determine the method to be used from those available: physical inspections, with biosensors (such as the use of trained dogs) or by scanners.

Goods with a certificate of origin must comply with the condition of originating in Colombia within the framework of the trade agreement that applies depending on the destination to which they are to be exported and have the Production Registry.

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The National Production Registration is managed through the VUCE. To fill out the form correctly, please refer to the Manual in the Help section – National Goods Producers Registration. This document indicates the step by step of this procedure.

Import and export process

The export process is the set of steps to be completed in order to sell a product outside the borders of the country in which it is produced. To do so, it is necessary to close an international commercial operation.

Although it is true, the export process is not as simple as making a sale abroad and transporting the goods. In addition, it is also necessary to know the import regulations of the receiving country. Subsequently, all the necessary documentation must be completed so that the product can be exported successfully.

Export process in mexico

Foreign trade is one of the main axes of Mexico’s economy, so much so that our country is the twenty-first most complex economy in the world, according to the Economic Complexity Index.

Also known as Bill of lading (B/L) or air waybill (AWD), for its English translation and type of means of transportation, it refers to the proof of shipment, that is, a document that proves that the merchandise being transported. You can read more details about the waybill in this post.

It is the document that the customs broker presents to the customs office to confirm that all taxes have been paid to the Internal Revenue Service for the exit of the goods. We recommend you to visit this SAT link for more detailed information or read more details about the form and content in our blog post.

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By Hacienda regulations, you need to issue a tax receipt for the sale of the merchandise. This is done through an electronic invoice or CFDI (Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet).

What is an export power of attorney?
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