What is the minimum width opening a window must have in order to be a means of egress?

Window measurements for houses

That, Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 30156, Law of Organization and Functions of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation establish that this Ministry is the governing body of national and sectoral policies within the scope of its competence, among others, in the area of housing, which are of mandatory compliance by the three levels of government within the framework of the decentralization process and throughout the national territory; among its exclusive competencies, is to dictate norms and technical guidelines for the adequate execution and supervision of national and sectoral policies;

That, numeral 2 of Article 10 of the aforementioned Law provides, among the shared functions of the MVCS, to regulate, approve, carry out and supervise national policies on urban planning and development, urban habilitation and buildings, use and occupation of urban and developable land, within the scope of its competence, in accordance with the organic laws of the regional governments and municipalities;

National Building Regulations 2021

In accordance with Article 6 of this Law, it will be the regulatory norms that will establish and specify the more technical aspects of the preventive measures, through minimum standards that guarantee the adequate protection of workers. Among these are necessarily those aimed at guaranteeing safety and health in the workplace, so that their use does not give rise to risks for workers.

By virtue thereof, in accordance with Article 6 of Law 31/1995, of November 8, 1995, on the Prevention of Occupational Risks, at the proposal of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, having consulted the most representative business and trade union organizations, having heard the National Commission on Safety and Health at Work, in agreement with the Council of State and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting of April 4, 1997,

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1. For the purposes of this Royal Decree, workplaces shall be understood to be those areas of the workplace, whether built-up or not, in which workers must remain or to which they may have access because of their work.

Standard to 010

When we carry out a project for the punctual refurbishment of a house, which is nothing more than a typical reform of a house, where partition walls are removed, the distribution of spaces is changed, installations and finishes are renewed, windows are changed, air conditioning is installed, etc., we must take into account certain conditions that the houses must meet in accordance with the Urban Development Standards (NNUU) of the General Urban Development Plan of Madrid (PGOUM) and comply with some points of the Technical Building Code (CTE).

Window sizes in inches

In the graphic example we can see that the opening is going to be a tilt and turn window since the opening triangles show a vertical and a horizontal opening. The particularity of such a window is the different opening points: Vertical casement opening or horizontal tilt and turn opening.

The hand or the opening is defined by the position of the hinges, this position is always seen from the inside of the window. If the hinges are positioned to the right of the frame we will say that it is “RIGHT HAND” otherwise, if the hinges are positioned to the left the window will be “LEFT HAND”. The hinges always go on the opposite side of the handle. Once the hand is recognized, it will allow us to know on which side the handle goes in order to be able to make the fretwork of the same.

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This applies in typologies such as: Practicable (2 or 1 leaf) or Doors (2 or 1 leaf). In the following graphic we will see that the handle is placed on the left side, therefore the hinges will be placed on the right side marked with a red line.

What is the minimum width opening a window must have in order to be a means of egress?
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