What is the requirement for equipment to be maintained?

What is the requirement for equipment to be maintained?


There are factors that influence the implementation of a maintenance system that are usually not taken into account. Obviously, these factors represent an additional workload, but the economic and time benefits that we can obtain are much greater.

Safety. An essential factor. Maintenance tasks must be carried out with adequate safety measures, the greatest asset of any company are the employees and it is an obligation to take care of them. If the operators feel safe, they will carry out the tasks more quickly and efficiently. Sometimes safety measures mean an increase in intervention time, but more time is lost due to an accident and sick leave.

Warehouse. It consists of making a correct discrimination of spare parts, there are critical, commercial and admissible delivery time. That is to say, it is not necessary to have spare parts of everything, this generates an excessive immobilized. It is necessary to make a discrimination of necessary spare parts by their criticality or delivery time, to see if a breakdown can mean a stop in production. It is possible to discuss with the suppliers the possibility of stocking on their side, to see the delivery terms. Optimizing spare parts and signing medium-long term supply contracts can lead to great cost savings.

Software Maintenance Requirements

To request maintenance services for computer equipment or peripheral maintenance, it is necessary to send a request through the Service Desk’s web system. If you do not have access to the system, you can make the request through your department secretary. For more information, please call extension 611.

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There are two types of maintenance, preventive and corrective.preventive maintenance consists of cleaning the equipment internally and externally to avoid any accumulation of dust, this to prevent the components from heating up or not working properly.in the case of desktop or mobile computers, the software integrity check is performed (virus, hard drive status, operating system version).

Industrial maintenance requirements

To the extent that companies carry out a preventive maintenance plan, also known as industrial maintenance, unforeseen breakdowns are reduced, and the whole company benefits, since we can anticipate problems in a high percentage.

Nowadays it is almost mandatory to pay special attention to asset management. Investments in resources are very significant, and the malfunction or inoperability of the same derives in economic losses that can become very critical.

Establishing a budget for preventive maintenance of the company’s assets is done taking into account the frequency recommended by the manufacturer, maintenance costs, revision dates, etc.

ERP Document Management plays an important role here, allowing the file of each machine to have documentation about ISO standards, approvals, safety regulations, instruction manuals, etc.

Spare parts and accessories, as well as consumables and tools are also registered in the ERP, grouping them into different groups depending on their functionality within maintenance.

System maintenance

Preventive maintenance is defined as the action of systematically checking equipment or devices of any kind (mechanical, electrical, computer, etc.) under certain criteria to avoid breakdowns caused by use, wear and tear or the passage of time.

Preventive maintenance anticipates breakdowns before they occur or makes them less serious, thus reducing the cost of repairs and the time in which the equipment ceases to be operational due to these breakdowns.

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There are three types of preventive maintenance and all of them together form a maintenance plan, which is essential to perform a quality and professional maintenance work. These are the three main types of preventive maintenance:

As we have already commented above, the sum of all these types of maintenance give rise to the maintenance plan,

What is the requirement for equipment to be maintained?
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