What must the employer of a lone worker do?

What must the employer of a lone worker do?

Ntp work in isolation

STEP 2: Evaluation of the risk of exposure in order to classify workers in 3 levels (risk exposure, low risk exposure and low probability of exposure) and in this way to graduate the preventive measures according to the evaluated risk.

Regarding the measures focused on the prevention of infection (disinfection) and identification and measures to be taken in the case of personnel who may be classified as possible, probable or confirmed cases or as close contacts of symptomatic persons, the employer must follow the instructions of the Health Authorities competent in the matter.

Depending on the nature of the activities, the mechanisms of SARSCoV-2 coronavirus transmission and whether or not the occupational contact with symptomatic persons is close1 , we can establish 3 risk levels or exposure scenarios for the different workplaces in the company2 . A worker may be placed in one or more scenarios depending on the activities he/she performs. Sometimes the work is carried out under conditions corresponding to a single exposure scenario, but in other cases the worker may perform different tasks, each of which could fall into different scenarios.3 Each scenario in turn corresponds to different prevention and protection measures.


But in this post I wanted to focus on those risks that go more unnoticed, and that in many cases are not given the importance they deserve in risk assessments; we are talking about the performance of monotonous tasks, shift and night work, solitary work, with the aggravating factor of performing it in a client company environment.To try to minimize these risks it is essential that the client company and the security company concessionaire of the service perform an analysis prior to contracting.

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Works in isolation situation

Next we are going to determine the steps to follow in terms of occupational risk prevention, for the correct assembly of telecommunications installations in their execution phase, their revision and maintenance work.

The preventive measures listed below serve to evaluate the possible risks that may exist, and to which workers, and any figure involved in the work, may be subjected within the work center.

– It is important to install strong and safe anchorage points, to which the worker can anchor the safety harness, equipped with a shock absorbing device. This circumstance will be foreseen during the execution of the constructive element in which the anchorage point is located.

– As far as the electrical installation is concerned, it is essential that the electrical panel be for the exclusive use of installers or specialized and authorized personnel, and that only they themselves have access to it.

Controlled jobs

A recent report reveals that there are more than 53 million lone workers in Canada, the United States and Europe. When working alone in remote areas or on the night shift, with few people around, the risk of not receiving help in the event of an incident is higher. In cases such as an injury, a heart attack or the presence of toxic fumes, every second counts when it comes to response time.

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Construction sites are high-risk work environments. Employees must work at great heights with heavy machinery and potentially hazardous construction materials. It is crucial that health and safety regulations are followed to the letter to reduce the possibility of injury and protect workers’ lives.

The first step in maintaining workplace safety is prevention. But accidents are inevitable, so it’s vital to have a plan in place in case something does happen. Blackline Safety’s new G7 device works by automatically alerting surveillance personnel with the location and context of the situation when something happens to empower your team with the fastest possible emergency response. The system uses advanced automatic and manual alerting features to detect if a person is immobile or has fallen, has jumped a checkpoint or is in an unsafe environment with gas detection. The alert is sent to surveillance personnel, who can contact the device via two-way voice calls and text messages.

What must the employer of a lone worker do?
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