What side of car should baby seat be on?

Baby car seat placement in the car

As you know we can find a great variety of car seats for babies. These go according to the age range, height and weight -depending on the model-, so they vary from one to another. Likewise, we can find reversible seats that can be adjusted to the different stages of growth. Remember, too, that car seat models vary according to the ECE R44/04 or ECE R129 i-Sice regulations and the type of fastening each one has – with seat belt, Isofix or both – as you can see in our article on the 10 best baby car seats.

The Isofix is a two-point anchorage system that allows the baby seat to be fixed to the seat in a simple way, guaranteeing safety. In this type of anchorage – or Child Restraint System, CRS – the seat is directly linked to the vehicle’s chassis structure, thus providing greater safety than seat belts. The Isofix system consists of two metal bars welded to the structure of the car to which the infant car seats are attached. Some vehicles also include a third attachment point known as Top Tether. This is located on the back of the rear seats -at the rear, where the trunk is located-.

It is mandatory to carry a car seat in a car

Initially, the seat must be mounted so that the infant walks backwards. This position is crucial for the head, neck and spine, since in the event of an accident the car seat serves as a support.

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To make sure the installation is secure, perform the “inch test” by pulling back and forth on the car seat. If it moves more than one inch in either direction, uninstall and start over.

Avoid buckling your child in the seat, as the bulky fabric may prevent a tight fit of the harness.  Instead, buckle and tighten without a coat, then pull it back or alternatively use a blanket.

Where the baby car seat should go in the car argentina

The child safety systems are fixed to the vehicle seats with the seat belt or the Isofix system, which is secured with three points: two located between the backrest and the car seat and one at the back to prevent the seat from rotating.

However, if the center seat has a two-point belt, and the other seats have Isofix or three-point belts, it is better for the baby to be in the right seat, behind the co-driver, since in the event of a frontal collision we tend to turn the steering wheel to the left and, in addition, on two-way roads there is greater risk on the left side in the event of a collision.

At what age should the baby seat be turned over?

One of the essential and most important things that we must have since we started our lives as parents and mothers, is the child restraint system in which our children should go whenever we travel or transport by car.

We know that it is a broad topic and that it can raise many doubts, so I have gathered in one article all the key points. We share with you the basic information every parent should know about car seats.

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Many parents don’t know it, but all car seats or child restraint systems have an expiration date. How can we know which one it is? Based on the date of manufacture, which should be clearly indicated, either on a label or written directly on the plastic of the seat on the back.

Buying second-hand chairs can be dangerous. The passage of time and the daily use of child restraint systems, as well as weather conditions, cause them to wear out and their materials to deteriorate.

What side of car should baby seat be on?
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