Where is the best flounder fishing?

Where is the best flounder fishing?

Sole fishing in Argentina

The Atlantic halibut is known by the name of halibut. It belongs to the Pleuronectidae family, which includes other well-known fish such as flounder. It is sometimes sold as the equivalent of sole and, as it is often filleted, it is difficult for the consumer to identify.

Pacific Halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis). This species inhabits the northern Pacific. It is a fish of great commercial importance. Pacific halibut are related to Atlantic halibut and belong to the same species.

Sole rod

Within the beach it is important to identify the different places where the sole will be found, learning to read a beach takes time, as each beach has different levels of current and depth, but as a general rule you could try to identify some common places.

Obstacles: Another typical place for ambushes of both sole and other predators are the various obstacles on a beach, such as a large rock that cuts the current or islets of huiro, these places offer shelter from the current for smaller fish and are an ideal place to hunt stalking as does the sole.

I have tried them all and each one has its advantages and disadvantages, it all depends on the depth of the beach, but what I notice is that usually the sole fisherman is very fearful of using weights over 40 grams, which in my opinion is a mistake because you have to present the bait in the range of action of the fish which is precisely at the bottom and therefore you have to manage both the weight of the weight and the speed of work to reach that range of action, otherwise only in some areas of shallow depth you would have real options of capture, then I present the three most used weights.

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Where to fish for sole

Exceptionally, we see what we consider giant soles, with weights around 10 kilos. Some have been caught in Argentina or Alaska, for example. In South America, the term sole is also used to refer to some genera of paralichthyidae.

First and foremost, do not place anything too flashy or prone to movement, as this is not exactly what attracts sole. Since we have to make long casts, you also need your bait to be tough and economical, as you may lose a lot.

Choose a reel of at least 100 meters with a resistance of 10 kilos, just in case. The most suitable hooks will be 5, 6 and 7. The surface rig is ideal for calm seas, as it does not allow you to make too long casts. However, I advise you to try it because it imitates the movement of the bait very well.

The best time to catch specimens of this species is just when they finish reproducing, when they are older. There will be more fish in the same place (it is quite a solitary fish) and, in addition, they will be hungry and tired.

Giant sole fishing

The Atlantic coast of Río Negro, along its 400 km of extension, offers different types of coasts, alternating low and sandy areas with ravines that sometimes form large cliffs interrupted by the mouth of rivers and streams.

Of the different alternatives offered by the coast for the enthusiast, fishing from the beach enjoys greater popularity than that practiced from natural elevations, piers or breakwaters. It is not in vain that during the summer season there is a remarkable concentration of anglers waiting for a bite.

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Balneario Las Grutas: varied fishing is practiced in different sectors according to the high tides. The most important contest of the place takes place in the summer season, between the 3 and 6 drop-offs, with night catches of roosterfish, mackerel, ray, dogfish, sole and stickfish.

Sea to the South: we find in Las Coloradas, El Buque, El Tanque and El Sótano sites of singular beauty and varied species of the above mentioned. It is advisable to fish in the hours before and after high tide, and given its geography it does not cause any inconvenience to fishermen due to its rocky bottom.

Where is the best flounder fishing?
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