Which is correct labeling or Labelling?

Which is correct labeling or Labelling?

Labeling standards in mexico 2020

Food labels contain information about the amount of calories, servings, and nutritional facts about foods. Reading them will help you make healthy choices when shopping.About food labels.

Nutrition – read food labels; Diabetes – read food labels; Hypertension – read food labels; Fats – read food labels; Cholesterol – read food labels; Weight loss – read food labels; Obesity – read food labelsImages

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What a product label must contain in mexico

The label of a product must include all the truthful, effective and sufficient information that allows to know the product in depth (its essential characteristics) before buying it, without misleading the buyer about what he is buying.

a) About the characteristics of the good or service and, in particular, about its nature, identity, qualities, composition, quantity, quantity, duration, origin or provenance and method of manufacture or production.

Article 12 (Information to consumers and users on the risks of goods or services) of the aforementioned law, in relation to labeling, states that manufacturers shall inform in the labeling when the use of a product may have risks.

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1. Entrepreneurs shall inform the consumer and user in advance, by appropriate means, of the risks likely to arise from the foreseeable use of goods and services, taking into account their nature, characteristics, duration and the persons for whom they are intended, in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 and the applicable regulations.

What data should be on a product label

Mandatory informationFood allergies or intolerancesNutritional informationNutritional and health claimsFood companies. More informationFiling complaintsDid you know…Regulations Publications

Reading food labels helps to make choices that suit individual needs and preferences, to compare products to choose the most appropriate alternatives and to know which substances or products cause food allergies or intolerances.

All this allows safe purchases to be made and safe food preservation, use and consumption to be carried out in accordance with a healthy diet and with particular regard to health, economic, environmental, social and ethical considerations.

Packaged foods are those that are packaged before sale in such a way that the contents cannot be altered without opening or modifying the package, for example: yoghurts, cereal boxes, milk bottles or cartons.

Food labeling

A label is the window through which a product is known by the consumer; choosing the right material, finish and type of label is fundamental in the manufacturing process, in this way it is possible to obtain a piece that in addition to fulfilling its primary function of informing about its content, also adapts to the demands of the market and differentiates itself from the rest.

Characteristics such as resistance, durability and flexibility are factors that guide the decision between choosing a certain type of labels for products or another. It is well known that each industry has products made from very different elements, which are also exposed to different conditions in their markets. Therefore, there is a wide variety of labels to meet the expectations and needs of each industry sector.

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The wide world of labels is narrowed down when you know what it will be used for and where it will be used. Thus, one of the steps recommended by Garín Etiquetas, an expert in product labels for all industrial sectors, is to first know the product to be labeled, since the specifications to be considered when choosing a label for a frozen food will not be the same as for the washing instructions of a blouse.

Which is correct labeling or Labelling?
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