Why are these rules and guidelines for safety important?


Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant human rights instruments and the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action,

Affirming the importance of addressing the issue of the right to a remedy and reparation for victims of gross violations of international human rights law and serious violations of international humanitarian law in a systematic and comprehensive manner at the national and international levels,

Recognizing that, by asserting the right of victims to a remedy and reparations, the international community honors its word with respect to the suffering of victims, survivors and future generations and reaffirms international law in this regard,

Standards among countries examples

Specifically, it defines a General System of Occupational Risks as the set of entities, rules and procedures to be followed to achieve the prevention and protection of all workers from the illnesses and accidents they face in their work environment.

Thus, all the existing provisions related to occupational health and safety, related to the prevention and improvement of working conditions, are integrated in the General System of Occupational Risks.

In this respect, it should be noted that the ISO family of standards is currently in the process of developing a standard that also applies to the field of occupational health and safety, as OSHAS 18001 has been doing up to now.

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These guidelines must be applied by employers, contractors of personnel under civil, administrative or commercial contracts, solidarity economy organizations, as well as those of temporary services.

Where standards are used

International labor standards, in addition to influencing the development of legislation, can guide the formulation of national and local policies, such as those relating to employment or work and family. They can also be used to improve various administrative structures, including labor administration and inspection, social security administration and employment services. They can also be sources of good industrial relations to be applied by labor dispute resolution bodies or can be used as models for the development of collective bargaining agreements.

In 2009, the ILO created the ILO Helpdesk, which provides constituents and enterprises with easy access to information, assistance, guidance and advisory services in relation to CSR and the application of labor standards in order to harmonize the activities of enterprises with international labor standards.6

World trade rules

In any case, it is important to note that even compliance with all these standards does not completely exclude the possibility of a product being found to be dangerous and the need to act accordingly.

Also with the intention of giving full and complete compliance with the directive in these matters and to ensure the health and safety of products without undermining the guarantees of citizens, the need for an administrative procedure for the adoption of these measures has been established, paying special attention to provisional measures and to the peculiar situation of supra-autonomic risks, which require as many procedures to be processed as there are autonomous communities affected.

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The aim is to establish a system of communication between the safety of the products placed on the market and between these and the Community authorities, which, in turn, serve as a channel for the competent authorities in all the Member States. Within these communication systems, it is worth mentioning the alert network, set up for the purpose of transmitting any information relating to the existence of a serious risk generated by a product subject to the scope of application of this provision and which constitutes one of the key elements for guaranteeing effective protection of the health and safety of consumers in an environment of international trade as intense as the one existing at the present time.

Why are these rules and guidelines for safety important?
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