Why does the Navy wear peacoats?

Why does the Navy wear peacoats?

Inauguration of the National Guard facilities, from

things that in the eyes of civilians are extraordinary. Hence, Gonzalo’s vision will have an outreach function. “He will be transmitting all his experiences to the outside world. For us it is a very good experience and the fact that the Navy has wanted to associate with us is very nice”, explains María Saavedra. And she concludes: “From the University we have two functions: we want to be an academic loudspeaker but also a tool for disseminating what the Navy can do, both now and in the past.

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The uniformity of clothing is an external reflection of belonging to a group, which in the case of the Armed Forces acquires a singular importance given that all the activities of its members are carried out wearing the military uniform. The close relationship between uniformity and the living and working conditions of professional military personnel is obvious; hence it follows that it is a matter closely related to the personnel regime. In this sense, Article 24 of Organic Law 9/2011, of July 27, on the Rights and Duties of the Members of the Armed Forces, provides that military personnel have the right to wear the regulation uniform, and the duty to use it during the service, and that the general rules of uniformity and the limitations or authorizations in the use of the same shall be established by order of the Minister of Defense.

Titles II to V describe the composition and particular observations of the uniforms of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Common Corps of the Armed Forces.

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Members of the National Police will have training based on human rights, specialized investigation, prevention, control and prevention of crime and the use of dissuasion and conciliation as alternatives to the use of force. For the development of its tasks, the National Police will coordinate its functions with the different levels of decentralized autonomous governments.

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Thus, during the mandate of General Juan José Flores, the problem was not solved, and the police at that time was not a national institution, since its action did not go beyond provincial or cantonal limits.

In 1944, the Carabineros Corps was transformed into the National Civil Guard and the Constituent Assembly, as a recommendation of the Executive, was charged with issuing a new Organic Law that would give a new modality to the police organization. On January 12, 1949, during the government of Galo Plaza, the Rural Police was organized, subject to its own laws and independent operation.

On February 27, 1975, General Guillermo Rodríguez Lara issued the Organic Law of the National Police, changing the name to National Police, and also created, in the then Ministry of Government (former name of the Ministry of the Interior), the Undersecretary of Police, in charge of coordination between the institution and the government. From this moment on, the police took on a form that has not undergone many changes to date. Also with this reform, the Judicial Police formally appeared under the command of the National Directorate of Judicial Police and Investigations, being defined by law as an auxiliary body of the administration of justice integrated by specialists.

Why does the Navy wear peacoats?
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