Why is flounder season closed in Florida?

Tampa bay fish dying

The 44-mile section of the Intracoastal Waterway that runs the length of the St. Augustine coastline is a jumble of inlets, creeks and bays.  Oyster beds isolating food sources for fish such as redfish and speckled trout make it a hotbed of fishing activity.  A day trip down the Intracoastal Waterway can result in many species, including flounder, fluke, drum, and other species that come in from the Atlantic.Freshwater

If rightly much of the fishing in St. Augustine is concentrated in saltwater, there are freshwater opportunities off the St. John River .  The creeks leading out of the river are prime habitats for bluegill, crappie and bass.

Florida red tide map 2021

Pinellas County is a county located in the state of Florida.[3] As of the 2010 Census, the population was 916,542.[4] Its county seat is Clearwater,[5] and its largest city is St. Petersburg.[3] Prior to European exploration and settlement, Pinellas, like all of Tampa Bay, was inhabited by the Tocobaga.

Prior to European exploration and settlement the Pinellas Peninsula, like all of Tampa Bay, was inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians, who built a village and large temple mound overlooking the bay in what is now Safety Harbor. The modern site is protected and can be visited as part of Philippe’s Shire Park.

At the same time, the U.S. Army began construction of Fort Harrison, named after William Henry Harrison, as a resting place for soldiers from nearby Fort Brooke during the Second Seminole War. The new fort was located on a bluff overlooking Clearwater Harbor, which later became part of an early 20th century residential development (now Hull) called Harbor Oaks. University of South Florida archaeologists excavated the site in 1977 after Alfred C. Wyllie discovered a subway munitions bunker while digging a swimming pool on his estate. Clearwater would later become the first organized community on the peninsula, as well as the site of its first post office.

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Fishing in tampa bay now

It is the third most populated city in the department with 22,389 inhabitants in 2015. Mollendo is also the second economic center of the region, its port Matarani is the main port of southern Peru. In 2016 it exported 5 Mt between grains and ore concentrate from the mines of Antapaccay, Cerro Verde and Las Bambas. Matarani also exports cargo from Brazil through the Interoceanic Highway.

Also located 5 km to the north is another old extinct volcano with a large open caldera to the south, and looking towards Mollendo, its coordinates are: -16.989252° -72.000227°. The Peruvian coastal mountain range, is the main geographical area of the district.

The beaches begin from the Aquatic Park next to the Ponce Island and from there comes an almost uninterrupted succession of wide and peaceful beaches of fine sand of 35 km of beaches towards the south, until arriving to the border with the Department of Moquegua.

On this beach are the Aquatic Park and the Playa Uno Tourist Complex, a kind of beach club with swimming pool, soccer and fronton courts. It also has restaurants and discotheques, which allows you to enjoy a whole day at the beach with family and friends.

Red tide florida

The seafood lobby says federal government assistance has not been enough to help everyone along the supply chain. That’s leaving fishermen, processors and distributors worried about their ability to stay in business as the economic slowdown from the pandemic ravages the industry.

Several sectors are getting a $300 million boost from a congressional coronavirus emergency relief package that will be distributed by states to help make up for lost sales after restaurants closed their doors. In addition, the Agriculture Department has pledged to buy $70 million of catfish, haddock, pollock and redfish to distribute to food banks and nutrition programs.

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But fishing boats along the U.S. coast, from Alaska to Florida, remain docked instead of going out to sea. Faced with declining demand, processors have had to scale back operations and lay off staff.

Why is flounder season closed in Florida?
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