Would you buy a house without building regulations?

Would you buy a house without building regulations?

Construction Regulation Municipality of Guatemala

Whereas, Legislative Decree No. 1177, Legislative Decree that establishes the Regime for the Promotion of Leasing for Housing, approves a special and optional regime for the promotion, facilitation and legal security of the leasing of real estate for housing; as well as to promote investment in the construction of real estate for housing leasing, within the framework of the State policy of reducing the qualitative and quantitative deficit of housing in the country;

Approve the Regulations of Legislative Decree No. 1177, Legislative Decree that establishes the Regime for the Promotion of Leasing for Housing, which consists of two (02) titles, forty (40) articles, four (04) final complementary provisions, containing the first three (03) annexes, one (01) transitory complementary provision.

To publish this Supreme Decree, and the Regulation with its annexes approved in the preceding article, in the Institutional Portal of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (www.vivienda.gob.pe), of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (www.mef.gob.pe) and of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (www.minjus.gob.pe), on the same day of its publication in the official gazette El Peruano.

Can be built on top of the canopy

It is common in contracts for the assignment of housing that the offer is made under special conditions, obliging the assignees, due to their need for family housing, to deliver sums of money before construction begins or during it.

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However, among the diversity of promoters there are Entities or Organizations dedicated to the construction of housing which, due to their rules of incorporation, organization, operation and purposes, may offer sufficient guarantees to be exempted from the application of these measures, for which purpose the Government, at the proposal of the Minister of Housing, must be authorized to so decide when it is deemed appropriate.

Individuals and legal entities that promote the construction of housing other than subsidized housing, intended for permanent domicile or family residence, or for seasonal, accidental or circumstantial residence, and that intend to obtain from the assignees cash payments before starting construction or during the same, must comply with the following conditions:

Construction next to my house

Choosing where to live involves an investment of time and a long-term expenditure of money, so before making the decision, the consumer must take into account a series of factors, among which is the type of home we want to buy, whether it is new or second-hand.

In the event that you decide to buy a new home, it is important to know that the offer, promotion and advertising must be objective and truthful and must not cause confusion in relation to the characteristics and conditions of acquisition of the home. It should also indicate whether the building is completed or under construction.

It is important to keep the advertising of the property to be acquired, since the data, characteristics and conditions relating to its construction, location, services and facilities, as well as the conditions of acquisition, use and form of payment that are included in the offer, promotion and advertising, are enforceable even if they do not appear later expressly in the contract.

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House construction rules

Complementarity and Concurrence. The family housing subsidy under this housing program will be applied concurrently with the one assigned by the Family Compensation Funds as long as they are new applications under the terms of Decree 1533 of 2019.

It consists of granting a family housing subsidy to households of up to 4 SMMLV, which allows completing the financial closing for the acquisition of a new home, upon compliance with the requirements established by the regulation.

Additionally, in accordance with Decree 1533 of 2019, for households that do not exceed 2 SMMLV of income, they may add the family housing subsidy granted by Family Compensation Funds with the subsidy of Mi Casa Ya, upon compliance with the requirements established in the regulation.

? Not having been beneficiaries of a family housing subsidy granted by a Family Compensation Fund (except for households with total income less than 2 SMMLV ($2,000,000), they may compete with the one assigned by the Family Compensation Funds and the Mi Casa Ya subsidy (this information will be reported by the Family Compensation Funds).

Would you buy a house without building regulations?
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